Understanding the

Rhythmic Harmony of 

Afro-Cuban Percussion.

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"The Rhythmic Foundation of Afro-Cuban music"

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This is an opportunity to take your Afro-Cuban musical approach to a more profound level by learning traditional and contemporary Afro-Cuban percussion techniques and rhythms while simultaneously developing a solid understanding of how the music works. 

After learning the parts, time is always spent thinking about how the rhythms relate to each other, the Clave, and the 2 over 3 polyrhythm.

After all, it is the rhythmic harmony of all the parts involved that creates the beauty, not the patterns on their own. 



In this course, we will gain a firm grasp on the following concepts which are the fundamental building blocks of Afro-Cuban music.

- The 2-3 polyrhythm

- The 6/8 Bell

- The Son Clave

- The Rumba Clave

- Clave Direction

Most importantly we will learn how these ideas all relate to each other thereby creating the rhythmic basis upon which Afro-Cuban music is built.